Fart Robot

This piece by Mikey Heller recieved the Iron Reels choice for the Gag Reel Festival.

Fart Robot

“No farts, and that’s a good thing.”

Learning humanity comes with ups and downs… This classic three act piece tells the story of Emmit, an awkward young man, and his robotic, fart-permit printing pal’s growing friendship as they woo a barista and contend with a destructive roommate.

The opening shots of toys and the catchy score set the piece’s whimsical tone. The actors deliver believable and touching performances. Fart Robot’s semi-mechanical voice really strikes the heart strings. Note his mechanical fixation on numbers: “Five girls! … Eighty-three Twitter followers … A hundred times more sequins!” Fart Robot is certainly not human, but he tries. The film uses mostly standard shots, but nothing feels superfluous. The limited choice of location, dialogue, and interactions all drive the story forward. This is a feel good piece with surprising subtlety.

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