Hammer Time & Metro Magic

The guys from Blind Panda Humor earned the Gallery’s Choice for their two pieces…

Hammer Time 

“Everything you love about infomercials, without the wait.”

The folks from Blind Panda Humor create a mockumentary about a pelvis-mounted, hip-thrust hammer, good for hitting the nail in all the right places. The Pandas manage to overstock the pieces’ minute-and-ten-second run time with an abundance of puns (spokesman “Keith Again”, lower third “using this product may cause pregnancy”, absurd pricing advertisements). The cutaways are clever and well used, such as the hammer striking through the wall and Keith Again’s distracted side angle camera shots.

Metro Magic

“WTF…? I’m disturbed”

Compared to Hammer Time, this piece is more cinematic, using ample close ups and rack focusing. The piece is a silent narrative, where a voyeuristic driver watches a man slather himself with lipstick in an adjacent vehicle. When he texts about this sight, utter absurdity ensues, assaulting the viewer with metrosexuality, homolust, and a haunting smile.

You can check out more hilarity at http://www.blindpandahumor.com/

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