The Big Baby Show

The Big Baby Show – Beaver in the House

“So THAT’S what meth’s like…”

The Big Baby Show is an exercise in rising action. The episode begins with a slow, 1970s sitcom style intro and erupts into a frenetic slurry of high-pitched dialogue, innuendo, and overdriven laugh drafts. The characters’ personalities shine throughout the piece… the assertive Big Baby maintains a steady grip over his beta-(house)mates Pecker Head and Make-up Baby, while the catatonic Domino idles in the background. In this episode, the guys invite Misty to display her beaver, which surprisingly, is an animal that tail slaps everyone silly. The show has dingy overtones, with the grimy puppets living in an antique furnished house. It’s almost contradictory: the “innocent” babies curse with the utmost articulation without restraint. The pacing, raunchiness, and concept of this piece would fit in well with an Adult Swim line up.

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