The Vintage Short Film Fest Approaches!




“This year marks the twenty year anniversary of the Slaughter County murders.  Witnesses say the killer was wearing a gas mask and carrying an axe… Locals revisit the abandoned scene of the crime.  The killer was never found.” 

NITROUS THE MOVIE, a film by Preston Corbell straight out of Austin, Texas, follows a woman exploring a long abandoned murder scene.  The film plays like a first person scavenger hunt, photo-documenting the run-down house. The film occurs in real-time using long shots with minimal cutting, resulting in a visual slow burn.  Haunting organ music plays throughout, setting the pace.

The woman photographs corners, closets, junk, and the only standout objects in the house: dolls.  Then, the gas mask-clad killer appears.

The cinematography mimics first person found footage.  But who’s holding the camera?  Is it a head cam?  Is it a second person? It’s highly reminiscent of the Blair Witch Project.  The opening car shots call to mind Night of the Living Dead.  

While the film has good atmosphere and a great soundtrack,  we’re not sure what to make of it.  If it’s a slow burn, it’s too slow.  The exposition slate sets up the ‘plot,’ but it feels nebulous at best, we never learn more about it.  The film feels hastily shot, without much direction.

Are you familiar with Slenderman?  It’s a game where you scavenge for the these hidden notes, all the while, Slenderman hunts you.  You turn around, there’s Slenderman! Instead of Slenderman, we get a gas-masked axe wielder.  

May Cancellation… June FESTIVAL at the Vintage!

Sorry for the late announcement, BUT we will not be holding an open screening at First Friday this month (May 2nd). Our fantastic art patron at the Ritz has closed his shop and we are currently looking for a new home for First Friday. We may have something in the works for next month, but if anyone has any leads, let us know.

On a brighter note, we will be doing more reviews on our blog and are working with the Community Film Project & the Vintage to put on a SUMMER SOLSTICE film festival.

Please share this around, we deeply lament not screening this month and appreciate all the support and enthusiasm we’ve received.  Look forward to the open screening’s phoenixesque revival!




Hey y’all, IRON REELS RETURNS to the Ritz next Friday for the second open screening.  Much like last time, we’ll have a projector, screen, laptop, and sound system.  Much like last time, YOU will have your films, videos, work-in-projects, screenplays, whatever to show on our screen. . Much like last time, the audience will have constructive things to say about your projects.  It’s going on as part of First Friday, so come after ingesting the rest of NEPA’s anthracitic art explosion.