“Breakfast” by Jan Svankmajer

… Kevin says: I see a lot more in this now. Fast, cut on sounds, chock full of dark humor, body use and body humor-horror, I see dada & Magriette, mechanical process, I see Terry Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’ derived from this, and Darren Aronofsky’s “Pi” using the precise cut-on-sounds. Very quick for stop motion. Classic animated short.

…Kyle sees: Humans as machines, going through the motions trading off sustenance with little enjoyment or thought. The delivered chest sausages might be phallic symbols. Maybe. The sound effects exaggerate the action, furthering the dreaminess and cartoon portrayal. I find the human stop motion nightmarish and highly unnerving. I find Svankmajer’s sculpture-mations effective and more disturbing than modern realistic 3D animation.

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