“An Electric Literature Single Sentence Animation” by Martha Colburn

Martha Colburn imagines Diana Wagman

Kyle Says:

“The bare expanse of her chest…”

The woman’s cut out breast, a disintegration of the accepted female archetype dismantling the gender stereotype. The animals comes out of the breast hole, symbolizing woman as a creative, primal force of nature. Superimposing the Christface over the woman’s face symbolizes the systematic male subjugation of the feminine, ritualized misogyny. The image of Cleopatra’s head over the woman in the bedroom can represent the conflict of “woman-as-a-sex object” and “woman-as-a-god-queen.” The woman in lotus pose contemplates on what comes next, liberation from gender oppression. The final shot of the man lobbing a hand grenade represents the man’s aggressive reactions.

Kevin Sees:

Painstaking stop motion frame by frame process: climb the ladder, snap a frame, climb down the ladder, move the top cut out figure slightly, climb the ladder, snap a frame, climb down the ladder… Reminiscent of the punk cinema movement, fast zooms, fast movement, overload of information flashing by, influence to early music videos and the MTV generation. Feminist movement, two sides (faces) of the woman (positive and negative imagery).

Single Sentence Animations are creative collaborations between writers published in Electric Literature and contemporary visual artists. The writer selects a single sentence from his or her work and the animator creates a short film in response.


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REELS Recommends “BREAKFAST” by Jan Svankmajer

… Kevin says: I see a lot more in this now. Fast, cut on sounds, chock full of dark humor, body use and body humor-horror, I see dada & Magriette, mechanical process, I see Terry Gilliam’s ‘Brazil’ derived from this, and Darren Aronofsky’s “Pi” using the precise cut-on-sounds. Very quick for stop motion. Classic animated short.

…Kyle sees: Humans as machines, going through the motions trading off sustenance with little enjoyment or thought. The delivered chest sausages might be phallic symbols. Maybe. The sound effects exaggerate the action, furthering the dreaminess and cartoon portrayal. I find the human stop motion nightmarish and highly unnerving. I find Svankmajer’s sculpture-mations effective and more disturbing than modern realistic 3D animation.