Old News, New News, Good News… Yeah!

The Iron Reels Review blog’s been silent lately, BUT FEAR NOT! We’ve been busy…

We held an informal screening for First Friday Scranton’s October Art Walk. We had a lot of support from the local talent and a healthy dosage of technical difficulties. We’ll post links soon.

... Last month's screening!

… Last month’s screening!

You may remember a few film shows we held at New Visions Studio Gallery over the past year… The gallery closed in August. Kevin & I struggled amidst the falling leaves and hurricane remnants looking for a new film house… WELL! We’re excited to announce that our next film festival will be hosted by THE KEYS in Scranton! Beer and art films?? BEST COMBINATION! Along with it, we’re rolling out the “IRON REELS CHALLENGE.” It involves adapting a poem / short story into some filmaic form. We don’t know what the motivation will be, other than, you know, public screening and the opportunity to make some CRAZY STUFF— but we’ll try to get a material incentive. On that note…

We’re preparing submission materials for the next show. Get ready!