OPEN SCREENING @ 24 Hours of Art at the Vintage!

That’s right! IRON REELS returns for a special one-off open screening during the Vintage’s annual 24-art explosion.  As always, we’ll bring a projector and PA, you’ll bring the best (or worst, or diamond-in-the-roughest) cuts of ANYTHING you’re working on, or completing; the audience will bring their best constructive feedback.  Sign-ups start at 10pm, the screening runs from 10:30-Midnight.  Come early for a live music DRAWING SOCIAL from 7pm-10pm and stay late for the midnight STORY SLAM!  It’s going to be a blast, you don’t want to miss it!


May Cancellation… June FESTIVAL at the Vintage!

Sorry for the late announcement, BUT we will not be holding an open screening at First Friday this month (May 2nd). Our fantastic art patron at the Ritz has closed his shop and we are currently looking for a new home for First Friday. We may have something in the works for next month, but if anyone has any leads, let us know.

On a brighter note, we will be doing more reviews on our blog and are working with the Community Film Project & the Vintage to put on a SUMMER SOLSTICE film festival.

Please share this around, we deeply lament not screening this month and appreciate all the support and enthusiasm we’ve received.  Look forward to the open screening’s phoenixesque revival!




Hey y’all, IRON REELS RETURNS to the Ritz next Friday for the second open screening.  Much like last time, we’ll have a projector, screen, laptop, and sound system.  Much like last time, YOU will have your films, videos, work-in-projects, screenplays, whatever to show on our screen. . Much like last time, the audience will have constructive things to say about your projects.  It’s going on as part of First Friday, so come after ingesting the rest of NEPA’s anthracitic art explosion.  

RECAP, First Open Screening!

Iron Reels held our first of hopefully many open screenings on Jan. 3rd. for First Friday at the historic Ritz building in Scranton.  It goes like this… You bring whatever you’re working on: script, scene, finished shorts, works in progress, promos, ads, concept sketches, whatever; and then get and give feedback on your work and other’s work.  Even non-filmic audience members gave constructive commentary on the pieces.  The maiden voyage brought us an animated music video, surrealist newscast, a college art department promo video, and a comedic satire.  What’ll you bring next time?

We’re holding the next open screening on Friday, February 7th, 8PM at the Ritz. Be there.

First Open Screening / Workshop